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ezForecaster: Business Forecasting for the Rest of Us!

Why spend thousands trying to forecast? With ezForecaster you'll be able to forecast faster, more accurately and more easily than ever before. Forget the rest - ezForecaster costs just $399! Compare that to the big guys, with their big upfront costs, their lengthy implementations and ongoing maintenance charges. Using their oversized, overpriced offerings is like cutting butter with a chainsaw! With ezForecaster, you could be forecasting five minutes after downloading. ezForecaster is right-sized and built for the way you do business!

Many ezForecaster users already have access to other forecasting applications in their companies - but they prefer the simplicity, immediacy and accuracy of ezForecaster.

ezForecaster works where your data is, inside MicrosoftExcel, the software you already know. We call ezForecaster "Business Forecasting for the Rest of Us!" because we designed it for Reluctant Forecasters - we hid all the complicated statistics and made it simple to learn and simple to use. No other forecasting application is as easy to use as ezForecaster. It's just as accurate as those expensive packages because they all use the same textbook techniques that are inside ezForecaster.

If you've struggled to forecast in the past, because the software you were using was way too complicated or full of statistics, try ezForecaster for 30 days, and if you don't believe it's better, you can have your money back!

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